Design Consultation
With a minimal amount of consulting you can change your space, just a portion or the whole thing.
Color Selection
Color invokes feelings, so your space should reflect the feelings you wish to invoke.
Space Planning
The placement of furniture in a space should be functionable as well as visually appealing.
Window Treatments
Privacy, decorative or both.
Furniture Purchasing
A whole house, a room, or a few pieces to finish your space.
Small touches will finish a room or create an ambiance.
Faux Finishing
Personalize your space with a hand  applied finish which is unique to you.
Kitchens and Bathrooms
Should represent your lifestyle in  function and use as well as aesthetics.
Sets the mood of a room and can change it with only a flick of a switch.
The foundation of a space which sets the mood.
Tiles and Granite
Hard surfaces can be used for many purposes, floors, counters, walls, columns, furniture etc.
Completing your space.