Planing on Selling Your Home?

When it comes to potential buyers on making a decision to buying a home, first impressions are everything. Most buyers fall in love with a house as soon as the front door opens and they step inside.

Email today for an appointment or call 757 821 2945 and we will be happy to assist you with your Staging needs. It’s important that your home be ready to sell before you list it in the market. First impressions apply also to Real Estate Agents. 99% of the time it’s the Agent who tells the Seller what price to ask for.

Whether you need a couple of hours of our time or a stretch of 6 hours your investment of $250 to $500 will prove to be of great value.

You want offers with no price reductions. For a small initial investment, considerably less than any price reduction, we can help you get your asking price.

In Staging we use what you already have; your furniture, your artwork, and your accessories. We then rearrange them to maximize floor space and to create immediate buyer-interest. These are only two of the many techniques a professional designer uses when staging a home in order to appeal to a larger market.

In a saturated market with hundreds of houses for sale, new and old, you need an edge. Model Homes’ selling record is impressive because Model Homes are “Staged” with selling in mind.

Buyers need to see your home as a place where they can live in and not as someone else’s home.